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Irvington, Indianapolis is a city in Marion County, Indiana. It is located just 4.6 miles from downtown Indianapolis and was named for Washington Irving. This

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Castleton, Indiana

Castleton, Indiana, is a small town that is located in Marion County. Because of its location and size, this town has developed into something much

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Broad Ripple, Indiana

Broad Ripple is a small town and neighborhood in Indianapolis, Indiana, with just over 8,7505 people. The total land area of Broad Ripple is 10.45

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Welcome to Great Price Homes

Whether you’re looking for a starter home or your dream home, Indiana has plenty of nice houses with great layouts to choose from. This post will help guide you through some of the most popular house styles in Indiana so that no matter what type of home you’re searching for, we can find one perfect for your needs!