Beech Grove, Indiana

Beech Grove, Indiana

Beech Grove is a small town in Marion County and an “excluded city” under Indiana law. It has a population of approximately 14,990 residents and is located just north of Indianapolis. The city has a total area of 4.39 square miles, according to the United States Census Bureau.  Beech Grove was incorporated in 1906 and has since grown to become one of the most well-known towns in the area.

Beech Grove is a suburb of Indianapolis, Indiana. It’s home to many people who work in Indianapolis. The town has been overgrowing, and there are plenty of new developments going up all around it. There are also many activities for families to enjoy like parks and other sports facilities that cater to children and adults alike. 

Beech Grove is a beautiful place for anyone looking for an opportunity to build their own home or find a rental property with plenty of options available!

Truly this city is a fantastic place where you can experience everything that America has to offer! You never know when your next adventure will begin!


The history of the town

Beech Grove is a town in Indiana founded initially as the repair facility for the local railroad. The area’s name comes from being abundantly covered with Beech trees, which can still be seen today on its downtown square! After it became incorporated officially in 1906, it continued to grow into the city you see today. It’s home to many businesses, sports facilities, and activities for families alike!


Things To Do In Beech Grove

Beech Grove is a beautiful city, but it’s also full of fun things to do. Beech Grove has plenty of parks, trails, and outdoor spaces for you to explore. There are even some great restaurants in the area for when you’re ready to stop digging and refuel!

The beautiful creeks and playgrounds make it an ideal place to spend time with family while also having basketball courts, volleyball fields, or softball games available at any moment you want!

There are picnic shelters, beautiful creeks, and playgrounds with plenty to offer, no matter what your interests may be! The basketball courts, volleyball fields softball diamonds make it easy for everyone who wants some fun outside during their free time. But don’t forget there are also concerts on hand so you can always enjoy music under the stars too!


Parks in Beech Grove, IN

Beech Grove is an excellent place for anyone looking to live close enough to the city but far enough away for some peace. The two main parks in Beech Grove are great places to meet up with friends or family for some fun. Sarah T. Bolton Park is a 32-acre area on the southern end of the town and has a large pond, a small zoo with farm animals, and some playgrounds for kids. Another one is Don Challis Park, a 14-acre area on the eastern end of town and has a large playground, volleyball court, and even an indoor pool! Excellent place for family gatherings or to just bbq with close friends/kids.

Beech Grove nearby Attraction places:

Beech Grove is a great place to take the family, with many activities and attractions; it’s no wonder people love living in this town. Some nearby attractions are worth seeing. Here are a few of them:

  • Indiana State Museum: It’s around 17 min away (by car) from Beech Grove. There are several interesting exhibits and activities for people of all ages.
  • The Indianapolis Zoo: It is only 16 min (by car) distance away from Beech Grove. Witness several animals, some of which are rare to North America, in their natural habitats. It’s a perfect day out with your family and friends!
  • National Art Museum of Sport: The National Art Museum of Sport holds the most extensive collection of art in the world related to sports and physical activity. It’s 24 min (by car) away from Beech Grove.
  • Sarah Shank Golf Course: This is a public golf course located in Beech Grove. It’s less than 2min away from the Beech Grove area.
  • White River State Park: This is a 250-acre park in downtown Indianapolis containing a long riverwalk, several monuments, picnic areas, a canal boat cruise, and the Indianapolis Zoo. It’s around 16 min (by car) away from the Beech Grove area.


Home solutions in Beech Grove

Whether you’re looking to rent or buy a property in the area, Beech Grove has you covered! There are many homes to choose from that are both affordable and beautiful. There are also options for renters, whether the place is a whole house or a single bedroom. No matter your needs, Beech Grove can definitely provide!

Note: If you want to buy or rent a home in Beech Grove, it’s ideal for focusing on the southeast sector of the city. It’s the most secure area of town.


Education in Beech Grove

The city of Beech Grove is a great place to live with many fantastic opportunities for children. There are several schools in the area, including public and private institutions and charter schools. Each school offers something different, but all provide an excellent education for students looking to learn more about their community or start a new path in life around the area.

  • Central Elementary School
  • Holy Name Catholic School
  • South Grove Intermediate School
  • Beech Grove Senior High School



Beech Grove is a very working-class town. Many people commute to Indianapolis and its surrounding areas for work. There are so many businesses within Beech Grove itself that it’s no wonder people choose to live here!

From hotels, restaurants, and golf courses to car dealerships, gas stations, and grocery stores, you’re sure to find something that will suit your needs!


Restaurants and shopping mall in Beech Grove, IN

You can always enjoy a delicious dinner at one of the many family restaurants, or maybe just grab a quick bite at one of our fast-food chains. Such as:

  • 5th Ave. Grill and Bar
  • Napoli Villa Italian Restaurant
  • Rustic Root
  • Mom’s Family Restaurant
  • Waffle House

There are also plenty of shopping opportunities to choose from, with both large malls and small boutique stores! like-

  • Emporium Beech Grove
  • Churchman Hill Plaza
  • Hornet Park Community Center
  • Emerson Shoppes


Take away

Beech Grove is a great place to get away from it all and enjoy nature. You can also be having access to several attractions and activities in Indianapolis and its surrounding areas. This is a beautiful town with so many opportunities for anyone looking to settle down!

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