Cities in Marion County, Indiana

Cities in Marion County, Indiana

Marion County, Indiana, is a large county with many exciting things to do. There are many beautiful cities in Marion County, and the most populous city is Indianapolis, known as Indy. In addition, Beech Grove, Lawrence, Speedway, Meridian Hills, Warren Township are the most significant and populated cities in Marion County.

With so many different places to visit it’s hard not to find something, you’ll enjoy! Whether you want to spend your day relaxing at one of our parks or taking in all the beautiful scenery Marion County has to offer; there is always something for everyone here.


Indianapolis is the largest city in Indiana and home to its capital, government offices, and courts. The population of Indianapolis is about 887,232 (2021) and has a density of 2,454 people per square mile. The larger metropolitan area has approximately 2,048,703 residents.

Several attractive places include the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, the NCAA Hall of Champions, Victory Field, and the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians. The Indiana Convention Center has almost 1 million (937,000) square feet of meeting and exhibit space.

Shopping here is superb with popular areas like the Circle Centre Mall, Castleton Square Mall, the Fashion Mall at Keystone, and the Southport Plaza. Among them, the Fashion Mall at Keystone is a leading shopping destination in the state. Downtown Indianapolis is also a great place to visit. The Indianapolis Zoo, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Indiana Repertory Theatre, and the Indianapolis Museum of Art are some of the top attractions in this area.

Beech Grove:

Beech Grove is located in Southwestern Marion County. It has a population of over 14,900 and is the second-largest city in Marion County. The density of the city is 3,351 people per square mile. It was named after the Beech trees that grow throughout the city. Beech Grove has a total area of about 4.5 square miles.

Some of the top restaurants in this area include La Rosita, Red Barn Steakhouse, and the Casa Linda Mexican Restaurant. Residents in this area also love to visit Maynard Park. It is a beautiful family-friendly park with walking trails and an ice skating rink. If you are looking for a city with excellent restaurants and incredible parks, this is to visit. Be sure to check out Beech Grove. It’s only about 9 miles south of downtown Indianapolis!


Located in Southwest Indianapolis, Lawrence is a township with a population of about 100,205 people. It has a total area of 34.1 square miles, and the density is 2,935 people per square mile. This makes it one of the most densely populated cities in Marion County.

Lawrence is home to many beautiful parks, including Eagle Creek Park, Lawrence Park, and Mount Comfort Cemetery. It has many top-notch restaurants such as Los Portales Mexican Restaurant, El Mariachi Mexican Restaurant, and the Casa Romeo Italian restaurant.

Lawrence is a great place to live near Indianapolis, with beautiful parks, good schools, and plenty of things to do. It is also an extremely safe area. If you are looking for a new home in Marion County or just looking to visit, this would be a wonderful place to look at. Be sure to check out Lawrence for yourself!


Southport is in the southeastern part of Marion County. It has a population of about 1,774 people in an area that covers 0.6 square miles. The population density is 2,168 people per square mile.

Southport has many attractions that residents love to visit, including Southport Park, Gray Park, Southport Marina, Sky Zone Trampoline Park, and Southport By Seaside. The city also has many great restaurants, cafes, and bakeries that everyone loves to visit.

If you are looking for a city with beautiful parks, unique attractions, and fantastic restaurants, this is the perfect place to look. Be sure to check out Southport if you live in or near Indianapolis.

Meridian Hills

Meridian Hills is a small city located on the east side of Indianapolis. It is another beautiful city located near downtown Indianapolis. The population of Meridian Hills is 1,731 people per square mile, making it one of the most densely populated cities in Marion County. This small city is about 1.5 square miles and has only about 2,500 but it has so much to offer its residents.

The Meridian Hills neighbourhood is considered one of the best in the city because of its high-quality housing construction and family-oriented lifestyles. This area offers great places, like the White River, Meridian Hills Park, and Meridian Hills Country Club.

Its location makes it ideal for families who work in Indianapolis. Meridian Hills has a high-quality education system, access to amenities, and it is safe. Meridian Hills would be a great place to call home!

Warren Township

Located in Northwest Marion County, Warren Township is a portion of the city with over 1,229 population and almost 1.1 square miles. The density is 1,135 people per square.

Warren Township has many beautiful parks, including the Warren township park. Warren Township is near several large shopping centres. Some of them are Warren Park Commercial Center, East Washington Plaza, Cherry Tree Plaza, Centre East. It has a ton of restaurants. It also has a beautiful library for those who like to read.

Warren is also known for having some of the best schools in the county. Some of them are Warren Central High School, Warren Early Childhood Center, and Creston Middle School in Warren.

Warren Township is a great place to live near Indianapolis with its low cost of living, large population, and accessible amenities. If you are searching for a city with all the conveniences of downtown Indianapolis but without congested traffic, this would be an ideal place for you to look at. Be sure to check out Warren Township for yourself!


Speedway is a small city with a population of about 12,195 people and an area of almost 4.8 square miles. The density is 2,565 people per square mile.

The main attractions in Speedway are the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum and Indy 500 Hall of Fame Museum. It also has some great parks like Speedway Trailhead Park, Leonard Park, and Meadowood Park.

Speedway is also known for having several great schools located in the city, including Speedway Senior High, Frank H Wheeler Elementary, St. Christopher School, and Speedway Junior High School.

If you are looking for a safe place to live with excellent schools, and facilities then Speedway would be one place you should consider!


This blog post discussed a few cities in Marion County, Indiana. From a quick glance at each city’s population and demographics, you can tell that there are many similarities among them. They also have unique qualities, which make them stand out from one another. Hopefully, this article has helped clear up any confusion about what you’ll find if you’re considering moving into Marion County or just looking for an update on your current hometown. If not, feel free to reach back out anytime! We’d love to help answer any questions you may have about our wonderful county.


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